What is Men’s Net?

Zach, What The F*ck Is Men’s Net?

So What Is Men’s Net, huh?

Men’s Net was created in October of 2018 as just a fun dream. A simple instagram account that would try to appeal to the masses, but in such a creative way.

How you might ask? 

Well, first take a look: Men’s Net Instagram

Men's Net Instagram Feed - Trucks Tits Triggers

It doesnt take long to notice the flow of the page. The columns all stay associated with the post above it, creating a beautiful flow of Trucks, Tits, and Triggers. For the moms out there – Lifted Trucks, Beautiful Women, and Pristine Firearms. I can’t tell you the number of DMs (direct messages) that I have received solely complementing the flow of the page.

What else?

Well – I don’t post garbage. I post what I like, I post what I think is cool. I’m not going to just throw something up that doesn’t fit in with the page. I’d rather not post at that moment.

What about this website? What’s the point?

Let’s be honest… “Trucks, Tits, and Triggers” has a flow to it and I’ve always wanted to have/own/wear my own brand of shirts… so why not use this? Why not use my platform to try to grow and share that. If you’re reading this – odds are you are already familiar with what we sell and our beliefs. One of which, is where we make a donation for each shirt we sell. As of this post, it’s the Semper Fi Fund. I’m not here to make money, if I was, I would jack up my prices. I use a third party to make the shirts and ship the shirts. I also make a donation for every sale. I think this is something cool, and I think other people do. So let’s grow the name, lets rep some awesome shirts, and lets see some amazing Trucks, Tits, and Triggers!

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